About Us

Mission Statement: Educational success through the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church.

A cross formed using the children attending St. Joseph School

All doors are locked for the school’s security. Please buzz to be allowed in to the school at the Main door (south side of building) and Please check in at the office.

School Starts 8:45am and dismisses at 3:30pm. Door open at 7:45am.

2017-2018  Tuition, Books, Bus and Band.

Books- $60 per year k-7
Tuition :  $225 per month or $2025 per year- 7th grade,    $200 per month or 1800 per year-1st child,    $145 per month or 1305 year -2nd child,       $135 per month or 1215 per year-3rd child
Non-Parish Tuition:  $250 per month or 2050 per  year- 7th grade,   $225 per month or $2025per year-1st child,  $170 per month or $1530 year- 2nd child,             $160 per month or $1440 per year-3rd child

Preschool-   All Day PS- $450 month or 4050 per year,  5-day- $200 per month or $1800 year,            3-day am- $145 per month or $1305 year.       2-day am- $125 per month or $1125 year.

Bus- $50 per month per family both ways or $450 year .      $25 per month one way per family or $225year.

Band– $25 per month per child or $225 per year per child ( grades 4,5,6& 7).

K-7 Uniforms required.     Uniforms must be purchased through Lands End.

Dress Code updated- 2018 

Home and School
Hayley Kaffar and Kristi Hogness co-pres
Shanene Stromme – VP
Livie Kraft – secretary
Elizabeth Beck – tres

St Joseph Board of Education  Registry of Current Members August 2018

Member            Start Date        Current Term Status

  1. Heidi Schneider Fall 2013            2nd term, 3rd year
  2. Scott Hammond Fall 2016            1st term, 3rd year
  3. Andrew Nelson Fall 2016            1st term, 3rd year
  4. Draper Lundquist Fall 2017         1st term, 2nd year
  5. Jolie Johnston Fall 2018            1st term, 1st year
  6. Rob Halle     Fall 2018            1st term, 1st year
  7. Chelsi Schroeder Fall 2018         1st term, 1st year

Non-Voting Members

Chris Dumont        Fall 2015            Parish Council Representative

Joni Flaten            Fall 2016            Religious Education

Renae Haman        Fall 2018            Religious Education


St Joseph Board of Education  -Current Member Committees  August 2018

    1. Building & Grounds: Scott Hammond, Draper Lundquist, Rob Halle, Andrew Nelson
    2. Contracts & Evaluations: Fr. Wilhelm, Michelle Clouse, Scott H.
    3. Marketing & Public Relations: Draper L, Jolie Johnston, Chelsi Schroeder
    4. Endowment: Michelle C., Draper L., Scott H., Jolie J.
    5. Religious Education: Renae Haman, Heidi Schneider, Joni Flaten, Jolie Johnston
    6. Curriculum: Heidi S., Andrew N., Michelle C., Fr. Wilhelm

Contact the school for copy of Board meeting notes.



2018-2019 School Calendar

Oct 2-P/T Conf(3:00-6:30) 2:30 dismissal

Oct 4-P/T Conf(3:00-6:30) 2:30 dismissal

Oct 5-P/T Conference comp day-No School

Oct 18-Catholic School Conference- No School

Oct 19- Catholic School Conference- No School

Oct 26-End of first quarter-44 days

Nov 7-Staff Development-1:30 dismissal

Nov 12-Veterans Day -No School

Nov 22-23-Thanksgiving Break-No School

Dec 21-Last day of school before Christmas break

Jan 3, 2019 -School Opens

Jan 11 -End of 2nd Quarter-44 days

Jan 21 -Staff Development-No School

Feb 6 -Staff Development-1:30 dismissal

Feb 18 -President’s Day-  School( storm day makeup)

March 15, End of 3rd Quarter- 43 days

Mar 19-P/T Conf(3:00-6:30) 2:30 dismissal

Mar 21-P/T Conf(3:00-6:30) 2:30 dismissal

Mar22-P/T Conference comp day-No School

April 10-Staff Development-1:30 dismissal

April 18,19,22 -Easter Break

May 24-Last Day of School(End of 4th Quarter) 46 days

make up days/storm days built in; plus February 18, April 18 & 22