Breakfast and Lunch Menus

 All menus subject to change

Date Breakfast  Lunch
Monday  May 20     Hot Chocolate,  toast, fruit, and hard-boiled egg.              Chicken nuggets, carrots, fruit,
Tuesday -May 21    Cereal, toast, and fruit.       Pizza
Wednes.  – May 22   Assorted breakfast and fruit    Chicken patty on a bun
Thursday May 23   Caramel/Sweet roll, fruit and hard boiled egg   Corn Dogs.
Friday – May 17     Cereal, toast, fruit, juice Fish nugguts, peas,, fruit, salad bar.

Menu -breakfast:    lunch:          All menus subject to change



Breakfast $1.65 per day – $33 monthly, 

Milk $.40 per day – $8.00 monthly,                    

Lunch- Student/Child: $2.60 per day – $52 per month.

Parent/Adult: Lunch- $3.30 per (please let office know the previous day if planning to eat lunch).

Please pay meals and milk ahead or by the 1st of each month.   St. Joseph School encourages paying ahead and does not bill  on a monthly basis.