K – 6th grade

contact email:  Joni Flaten -Coordinator   or call  662-5071 office

Attention 2nd and 3rd grade families- Pending upcoming meetings for 2nd graders who will receive the Sacrament of Reconcilation and 3rd graders the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Kindergarten Curriculum- Image of God Series “Who Am I”.

1st- 6th grade, “Alive in Christ Series”.

Sacrament al Preparation Programs & Dates

Oct 3- 5:30pm Parent/Guardian Meeting #1 at Parish Center

Oct 10- 5:30pm Parent/Guardian Meeting #2 at Parish Center

Oct 24- 5:30pm 1st Confession Retreat and Interviews @ the Church (Children are to attend with Parent/Guardian)

Nov 3, 2018- @ 8:30 am -1st Confession for children and confessions for parents at church. light breakfast to follow.

April 6, 2017 A 10am- 1st Confession Dynamic Catholic “Blessed”.  Also Confirmation OSV “Encounter Christ”@ 10am..

Staff 2018-19

K- Megan Lebrun/Savanna Lebrun

1- Georgia Knoke

2 -Angela Wakefield/Meridee Jorgenson

3-Jodi Faaborg/Jody Skadsem

4-Kinberly Idland

5-Shelly Schneider